10 thoughts on “Leaps and Passages”

  1. Sending my best wishes on your journey. May it be filled with joy, imagination, laughter, special memorable moments, and most of all, fun. Travel safe 💕🚙

  2. Seriously profound ramblings and a gutsy push into an unknown where the purpose is the voyage and not the destination.

    And you can stay at our house in north atlanta. Your own bedroom and bathroom with a view of uninhabitated wetlands as your scenery…that is if you don’t count raptors, raccoons, and all kinds of critters as well as dog and cat.

  3. The white light of safety sent your way. Envious, except for the part about packing light. Not one of my strong points! I will be looking for your posts!

  4. Happy adventures and safe travels! What wonderful things await you — enjoy every minute!

  5. Bon voyage, friend! Two necessities for a road trip of this caliber: a good pair of sunglasses and inspiring music. Grab you aviators, roll down the windows and turn up the soul. I’ll send some inspiration your way. Happy travels!

  6. I’ve already checked on the MOTH story telling schedule in Seattle to see if there will be a night and stage available for your wonderful story telling skills when you get here in May. I envy your fluid and colorful writing.

  7. Deena,
    This looks so fun! I am excited for, and slightly envious of, your amazing trip! I don’t know if it was me unconsciously thinking of your route, but I was just daydreaming the other day of a road trip along the Gulf Coast and how I would love to see that part of the country. Can’t wait to see you on the West Coast!

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